~ Greenhouse Residents ~

This is our fourth set of doves this summer.  Each time there was two babies and the momma sits on the nest nonstop for 3-4 weeks.  We are hoping this is a different mother dove each time....LOL!

~ historic district neighbors ~

Just a few of the beautiful homes in our neighborhood ... McKinney has the second largest historic district in Texas.  Sometimes we call the neighborhood the "hysterical district" because of the strict regulations we have to follow plus some hysterical people live here.

~ stone walls ~

Stone walls are the best thing in a garden....hardscape is the beginning of the garden plan.

~ little garden girl ~

~ love the flags ~

I'm teaching a Fashion Design class this year and these flags would be great for the students to construct for their elements of design unit.  The building is adorable. From Red Direct

~ would love the back of garage to look like this ~


~ window frame found on the curb has a new home ~

~ my daughter and me at age two in the same outfit ~

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