~ Time to Start Sewing ~

Really like this apron from A Beautiful Mess.  I will add it to my sewing list...

~ Love These Woodsy Buildings ~

Do you like the roundness of these buildings?  I do...

~ Little Cottage ~

Just dreaming of spring...which will be here sooner than I realize.

~ Merry Christmas ~

~ How About a Sunny Vacation ~

I'm ready for sunny warm days!

~ Really Shabby Lampshade ~

Finally finished this lampshade...it has been off the lamp waiting for some attention for months.  My Mom and Dad gave me this lamp when they moved.  I stripped off the original shade cover leaving the fabric wrap on the wire part of the shade frame.  I tore 3" wide strips from thin white linen and tied them around the frame.  How easy is that!  It is so nice to have two weeks off and getting a few projects completed.   

~ Old Wooden Infant Bathtub ~

Found this wooden infant bathtub at a neighbor's estate sale.  This belonged to her grandmother and had been in storage for years.  I filled it today with glass oil bottles, blue canning jars, silver pieces, Staffordshire and threw in a few pine cones.

~ The Antlers are Multiplying ~

Help me...the antlers are multiplying as fast as rabbits. LOL  My friend Jan suggested I group the antlers on one wall instead of having them all over the house.  What a good idea...now they will attack people as their eating.

~ My New Craft Room ~

I love my newly decorated and organized craft room.  Now I will have one room for sewing, painting furniture, stain glass and upholstering.  Feather Weight sewing machine is on the table and ready to get some serious sewing projects underway.

~ Cute Vintage Telephone Seat ~

I love this vintage telephone seat.  Maybe I should keep it.  You can see the before picture at http://karla-at-home.blogspot.com/p/about.html or further down in this post.

~ Estate Sale Find ~

Found these Christmas ornaments at an estate sale...all for $5.00. I dropped at least five of them and they didn't break. The ornament fairy must be watching over me.

~ Fitz and Floyd ~

My favorite Christmas decoration..a.Fitz and Floyd cookie jar.  A gift from a sorority sister around 1975.

~ A Big Thanks ~

To Katrina Chambers at http://www.iammediamad.com/ for the wonderful job she did on creating my new blog design.  I would highly recommend her for any of you looking for a look of your own...thanks Katrina :)

~ Finished Marble Night Stand ~

Another painting project done...only one hundred more to go...LOL.  I love to paint...I need to buy a paint store.

~ Students Design Christmas Ornament ~

My Ready, Set, Teach! students design and make Christmas ornaments for their field-site teachers.  Didn't they do a great job?

~ theatre seating made shabby ~

 My buddy Bill reconstructed the theatre seats for me several years ago.  Bill was a retired agriculture teacher and had a wood shop in downtown Anna.  He has since passed on.  He was a good guy and a great family man and teacher.  Finally decided to paint the oak seats.  Is it written somewhere not to paint oak...I feel so guilty...LOL.

Three new projects

Little bedside table with vintage marble top.  Primed and ready for some shabby paint.
My daughter insisted I buy this vintage telephone chair for $10.00 at Round Top.  Now to take the cushion off the frame and give it some character.
I've had this table forever.  I took the top tier off and shelled it to be used as a lamp base.  This piece will be primed and painted.

Am I the only one having problems with writings appearing after the pic?  Any suggestions?

Flow Blue Find

What a great find at an estate sale....paid very little mula for it!!!

Reflections of a great find

Found the three frames at Canton Trade Days.  Two I had mirrored and one frame is bent so I hung grand kids pics on a holder.  The metal frames are a Frenchy blue color.

Great Grandma's Brown Transferware

My Mom gave the dishes to me a few years ago.  I didn't know anything about transferware until a friend  explained to me the value of the dishes.  Lucky me.

Christmas Wreath

So much fun making this wreath from old and new glass ornaments.  Mom gave me some of the ornaments.  Dirty Hands (local garden group) made these two years ago.

Christmas Mantel

I got this mantel idea from Karen who owns Smitten Antique Mall in downtown McKinney.  Love the quirky look of using triple plate and silver serving pieces!!!

~ love this saying ~

~ cabbages and roses giveaway ~

There is a fabric giveaway at Cabbage and Roses.  I hope you take a look.

~ collage at its best ~

Love this site....www.pastesf.com.  Denise Fielder is an interior decorator who lives in San Francisco.  She does wonderful art...take a look.

~ covering a lamp shade ~

I'm going to recover this shade in linen.  Trying to get the old hot glued fabric off the frame has proven to be quiet a challenge.  I have a romance with lamps.

~ another paint project ~

This table has been passed around between my daughter and me.  Nat. used it for awhile and now it returns to me.  I'm painting every piece of furniture in the house white these days.  This one is next.... just the top will be white.  I'll show you a pic when finished.  Painting is part of my genetic makeup...my Father loves to paint.  Mr. Sweetie is wondering when cooking will be in my blood?  Mr. Sweetie and I celebrated our first year together this week.  I use to fix him steak and potatoes...now he is eating box mac and cheese on a good day.  Does that mean the honeymoon is over?  How I love this man!!!!

~ gone crazy painting furniture white ~

 This piece I bought from an older lady who was moving up north to live with her son.
This piece was my maternal grandmother's sewing cabinet.  She gave it to me because I love to sew and I'm a Home Economics teacher.

~ great estate sale find ~

~ the mantel gets a dressing ~

Our local metal craftsman applied the zinc top with the copper trim to the mantel we made out of two sheets of plywood. After mounting it to the existing mantel we broke out the embellishments. The large octagonal metal piece is off a vintage chicken coup picked up at a local antique mall. The deer head was in storage and the tall planters I bought at Round Top Antique Show earlier this year. Just goes to show you buy what you like when you see it...you never know when you might be able to mix and match for the look you want.

~ brick by the chick ~

So I'm no Mr. Sweetie when it comes to detail/perfection and building a brick patio. This is my way of building a quickie area for storage behind the greenhouse with leftover bricks.

~ patio progress ~

Each day we try to accomplish more on the patio area. It is really taking shape.

~ corbels make a quirky table ~

So Mr. Sweetie pulls four corbels out of our stash to make the legs for our new patio table. He spends time removing many nails and we decide to use the smaller four corbels.

The four smaller corbels are not all the same size. Mr. Sweetie has to add some wood supports... some more sawing, nailing and we have a table. Love the end result...our quirky table for ten.
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