~ theatre seating made shabby ~

 My buddy Bill reconstructed the theatre seats for me several years ago.  Bill was a retired agriculture teacher and had a wood shop in downtown Anna.  He has since passed on.  He was a good guy and a great family man and teacher.  Finally decided to paint the oak seats.  Is it written somewhere not to paint oak...I feel so guilty...LOL.

Lady Butterbug

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Angela said...

They sure look pretty white!!

milka said...

This theater seats look nice!

Stacey said...

I really like those...I think I remember sitting on something just like that in the past. :)

fromhousetohome said...

NO guilt necessary....it is still oak under the paint!! Paint or not to paint.....no brainer.....PAINT!!! They look great!

Raine and Sage said...

Hi Karla,
I must say I do makeovers on furniture and sometimes have the same sense of guilt. I try to justify it by thinking furniture has been painted for years and goes in and out of fashion, and I guess the wood is preserved underneath, and you're enjoying it (or someone is) rather than it possibly going to a rubbish dump. Love the blog makeover, and you've some great inspiring projects.
Sonia :) x

john said...

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