~ flash....bricks hit the ground ~

~patio construction continues...here comes the sand...man!~

~ staked out and ready for sand ~

~ out with the old and in with the new....the patio project ~

We uncovered about 1400 bricks in the backyard between the garage and the greenhouse.  We pulled them up and stacked them in preparation for ground work to relay them for a new patio.  More to come soon.....

~ almost time to dig up the caladium bulbs and store for the winter ~

~ start collecting ~

~ Mr. Sweetie's healthy potato vine ~

~ almost fall ... variegated morning glory and autumn clematis ~

~ I like to decorate with antlers...do you? ~

~ love Bunny William's rooms ~

~ now this is a truck ~


~ tolix...where are you ~

~love this whole look~

~ pots...and more pots ~

~ outdoor dining ~

The last pic is my favorite.
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