~ Lady Butterbug Shoppe Hosting a Book Signing for Fifi ONeill ~

Friday June 12th ~ 10am - 1pm

You are invited to Fifi O'Neill's signing of her latest book
Prairie-Style Weddings
Hosted by
Lady Butterbug @ the Lady Butterbug Shoppe
1701 N. Waddill St. - McKinney, TX 75069

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~ Gilding Wax Giveaway by Lady Butterbug ~

Sponsored by Lady Butterbug®

I call Gilding Wax a miracle metallic wax because it sticks
to just about everything...wood, plastic, metal, sheet rock, fabric.

I applied two colors of Gilding Wax to this Victorian chair...
Renaissance and King Gold.
I like to layer two or three colors to create depth and interest.

The Gilding Wax was applied using my finger...just couldn't be easier.
Allow the Gilding Wax to dry and buff with a soft rag creating a
beautiful luster.

The Painted Sisters use Silver Gilding Wax on the beautiful French hardware.

I like to take a small amount of Gilding Wax out of the pot and add a
few drops of mineral spirits to create a glaze.
A glaze is thinned wax which can
easily be applied with a small artist brush to small areas
 of your piece of furniture, cabinets, or picture frames.

~ I sell Gilding Wax in four colors ~

Empire Gold
King Gold



TWO people will win one Gilding Wax in the color of your choice.
Leave a comment BELOW this post stating your color choice and how
you will use the Gilding Wax.
I will select the winners on Sunday, May 3rd.
The winners will be announced on my Facebook page Lady Butterbug.

You can purchase Gilding Waxes, Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan products, and
Artisan Enhancement® products
at my Lady Butterbug shop.

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~ Chalk Paint® Dresser in Colors Coco and Old Ochre ~

I have a love for vintage dressers with carved wooden handles.  So when I spotted this dresser I just had to buy it especially since it has a wonderful marble top in very good condition.

This dresser did not have legs...looked very short for my liking...only 27" tall.  I found these legs in the leg bucket and I liked their profile.  So now to attach them to the dresser.  Of course no picture to show you  how I attached them but I will try to explain as best I can.

I used a 4" long double ended wood screw to attach the legs to the underneath corner bracket of the dresser.  First I used a drill bit and drilled a pilot hole into the leg.  Next I put the leg in a vice to hold in place and screwed one end of the wood screw into the leg.  Next I lined up the top of the leg screw to the dresser bracket and marked with a pen.  Drilled a pilot hole and screwed in the leg.  Repeated the procedure for the other three legs and this dresser is now 38" tall...
perfect height to be used as a sink or island.

As you can see the leg wood is different from the dresser wood but this doesn't matter because I'm painting the dresser with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.
I selected Annie's Coco and Old Ochre colors...this is a great color combination I just love to use.
Annie's color Coco is a warm greyed brown and Old Ochre is a nice warm neutral color.

I like to paint outside the can so the can top will remain clean.  Nacho boats are the perfect container to pour the paint in because they has a plastic coating which prevents the paint from soaking into the paper.  I also use wax paper because paint will not stick to the paper and it is cheap to buy.
I painted the entire dresser in two coats of Coco...letting each coat of paint to dry for about an hour.

My favorite brush to paint with is Annie's natural bristle brush...small size fits my hand the best.
This brush is perfect for getting the paint into the handle and leg details.

Next I dry brushed the handles and drawer parts with color Old Ochre.  Dry brushing means having a small amount of paint on your brush...almost DRY of paint.  Using a long bristle brush feather the brush over the base color allowing the base color to show through.  This technique is very easy and uses very little paint.

I dry brushed a little Old Ochre on the rings of the legs too.

I applied one coat of Annie's Soft Clear Wax, allowed the wax to dry overnight, and buffed with a lint free rag for a nice lustrous finish.

Please remember that all furniture waxes are not created equal.  Annie's Soft Waxes have been used with her Chalk Paint® for 25 years.

This dresser is one of my favorite pieces I have ever painted!!!

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~ How I Limewashed My House for Under $10.00 ~

How I limewashed my house for under $10.00. 

Follow along with me as I explain this
very very simple and inexpensive project!!!

When I purchased this house in November eight years ago I had the painter's paint the ugly orange red brick in the green you see in the above picture.  Little did I realize this now dark green house would be lost in the shade produced by the large oak and pecan trees in my yard.
Sorry I don't have a picture of the house when it was painted a solid green.  

This is how the house looks today.

Now I had just spent a pretty penny on having a professional painter to paint this house.  So I had to come up with a very inexpensive way to paint the house a lighter color and I needed to paint this house myself.  I wanted the brick to look like it had chippy paint that had weathered many years.

So I purchased a 50 pound bag of Hydrated Lime from Lowes for around $8.00.  
I  made a slurry out of the lime and water in a 5 gallon bucket.  The
slurry was about the consistency of lumpy pancake batter.  If you
want the mixture to be thicker and have a chippy look add less water.
Sorry I didn't measure just mixed my concoction.  I used about 2/3's
of the bag of lime for the whole project.


Now you're ready to start painting on the lime mixture.  Use a large 3"-4"
paint brush.  If you mixed a thin mixture and want a washed look
apply the mixture going with the grain of the brick.  If you made a thicker
mixture and want a chippy look apply the mixture in a criss cross fashion.
I practiced this technique with the thick mixture on the back of the house seen in the picture above.  After the mixture dried I sprayed the brick using a hose end sprayer to chip off
some of the lime mixture.

Not sure I liked the chippy look I mixed in more water to the lime mixture and
applied it going with the grain of the brick.  I did not spritz with the hose.
I decided I liked this technique better and continued to paint the rest of the house.

Lime washing a house doesn't take a lot of skill or time because the mixture is thin,
 flows and sticks easily to the brick.  To allow the green paint to show through 
the wash I sanded off some of the thin lime wash with a dry SOS pad.  Yes I
used a SOS pad not steel wool.  Steel wool was to abrasive.

Lime washing the house allowed the house to be a bright background to
 the colorful plants in the yard.

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~ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® ~ How to Store and Use Leftover Paint ~

Sometimes you will have leftover Chalk Paint® no matter the size of your painting project.
You will probably want to keep the leftover paint for future projects or for touch-ups.
Not everyone wants to store leftover paint in their house but extreme temperature changes can wreak havoc on your leftover Chalk Paint® and other paints!

~ Annie Sloan's Painter in Residence ~

Agnieszka Krawczyk is one of Annie Sloan's Painter in Residence.

This is what Annie's says about her "Painters in Residence" artist program. 

 "My 'Painters in Residence' runs on a three-month cycle giving three artists three months in which to explore the ‘what ifs?’ and ‘why nots?’ of using Chalk Paint and other Annie Sloan products."

Agnieszka used Chalk Paint® colors Provence, Pure, Old White, Napoleonic Blue, Antoinette, Louis Blue and Antibes Green on the outside of the chest.  By layering one color on top of the other she created a blend of colors and great texture. Some of her colors came straight 
out of the pot and others she mixed. As soon as the paint was dry she used a scraper, 
sandpaper and putty knife to begin chipping in to the paint. 

Here is another piece painted by Agnieszka in Chalk Paint®colors Florence and Graphite.

You can see Annie's Painter's in Residence pictures and read about each artist
on Annie Sloan Paint and Colour Blog

~all pictures taken from Annie's Blog~

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~ Lady Butterbug's Garden Featured in Country Sampler Magazine ~

Our garden is being featured in this April/May Country Sampler Magazine.

Stylist Fifi ONeill and photographer Mark Lohman visited our house last June
taking many pictures of our garden and home.

I hope you will visit a Lady Butterbug shop and purchase a magazine
and take a walk through our garden.

Fifi's new book Praire-Style Weddings is available for purchase.  Fifi will be at
our McKinney Lady Butterbug Shoppe in June for a book signing.

Steve and I are looking forward to her visit.

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