~ Raising the Roof at Lady Butterbug® Shoppe ~

The Shoppe took on water May 13th like the Titanic...and the Shoppe was open too.
I closed the Shoppe and began shop-vacuuming up the water as fast as I could.
The water mitigation company moved in literally with all their equipment
and began the drying out process.
My cute little Shoppe had to be packed up and put into cold storage.
Well a little water wasn't going to get me down.
I decided to make LEMONADE out of this little set back.
Since the Shoppe was now empty it is the perfect time to raise the ceiling
like I wanted to do when I purchased the building five years ago.
Remember this is a 1920 neighborhood Mobil filling station and country store building 
that I purchased "as is".
"As is" means I purchased all the problems which the previous owners didn't fix which
included four layers of ceiling material that was putting extra weight on the rafters.
After removing two layers of sheet-rock, one layer of termite damaged beadboard
and one layer of shiplap (which most of the shiplap was missing) 
the rafters were finally revealed...and what a mess. 
Juan and his team came to the rescue and built a sub-ceiling rafter 
system under the original rafters so as not to put extra
weight on the original rafters...genius don't you think!!!
So I'm getting a raised ceiling in the Shoppe!!!
I couldn't be more excited...I do love a project!!!
Things are still kind of a mess...but improving daily.
This week the electrical team will add ceiling can lights, ceiling outlets in the 
ceiling corners to plug in all the chandeliers.
The foam insulation is applied to all the rafters and gable end.
Also exposed spiral duct work will help out with the HVAC system. 
And this is the exciting part to me...the wood car-siding will
be installed on the walls to match the original car-siding
and of course shiplap will cover the ceiling!!! 
The entire inside of  LADY BUTTERBUG® SHOPPE
was wood walls...I am in love with white wood walls!!!

at Lady Butterbug® Shoppe
is July 25 - 27
Thursday - Saturday
10am - 5pm
~ Mark your calendars and come celebrate with us ~
We have raised the roof again!!!
So many new and old goodies for you!!!


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