~ Venue at Lady Butterbug® Coming Soon ~

Did you know my sweet quirky 1920 filling station building in historic McKinney...

aka Lady Butterbug®...

is turning into a fabulous ~ terrific ~stupendous ~


Well it is!!!

And the name of this fabulous ~ terrific ~ stupendous small event venue

is...drum roll people ~


As you can guess...if you already don't know...

Lady Butterbug® Shoppe as a retail gift shop closed on October 12th. 

I will miss my fabulous customers so much and hope they will stop by when they see my car in the parking lot....

I have the best customers in the world...I'm not kidding!!!

On to another adventure...

and you know I love a new adventure! almost as much as I love Dr. Pepper

The super duper new event venue 

Located in historic McKinney, TX.

Is the perfect venue location for:
  • wedding/baby showers
  • workshops
  • wedding rehearsal dinners
  • family reunions
  • business training/meetings
  • birthday parties
  • business parties
  • anniversary celebrations
  • farm to market meals
  • sweet sixteen parties
  • craft classes
  • yoga
  • holiday celebrations
Venue at Lady Butterbug® will open in about a month. The web designers {Bliss & Tell} are busy 

creating a new logo and website for this new project.

Now to get the shop cleaned out of retail inventory...

Seriously the last 75% off sale just about cleared everything out.

My to do list is long but I will get it done...

Like filling all the wall nail holes, paint, wash windows, new window signs,

paint truck signs, paint signs on the side of the building, take the tents down,

clean up the yard, clean Maude Cottage

and the list goes on...

but I'm having so much fun and that is what life is all about for me!!!


I will be back with more information soon!

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  1. I am so excited about this! It is a beautiful space and would be fun for many events!

  2. Love this Karla! What a fab idea. 🍂🧡

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