~ Part 1 ~ Building a Potting Bench ~

Part 1 ~ Building a Potting Bench

Excuse all the mess and tools...I am so excited about my new build...
a potting bench...that I didn't even clean up to take pictures!!!

I am building this myself and it has been a challenge because of the weight
of all the treated lumber. Treated lumber is a must for the outdoor framing
but it is wet with curing product and it weighs a ton. 
I built the framing on the ground and when I went to stand it up...well
I just couldn't do it. I went looking for a man/neighbor to help me.
I found Fred and his wife sitting on their front porch drinking beer 
and relaxing on a Saturday afternoon. Do people actually relax...
not me I'm building a masterpiece­čśĆ
Fred was nice enough to help me stand it up!!!

The shelving boards are old shiplap recycled from my renovated garage
and I also used old chippy brackets and scalloped boards 
for decoration. I always have to incorporate something old and white 
in my builds.

Love love love the old cast iron blue sink...and it was a roadside find...
yes that means it was FREE.

The potting bench will sport a chicken coop roof used as a canopy.
The chicken coop canopy will be attached soon.  I think the potting bench
will be white primed and painted in a apple green to compliment 
the blue sink. Now don't hold me to this green color because I just
might paint it in my standard know I love white!!!
I will report back in a few days to show you the attached chicken
coop canopy.

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