~ Vintage Christmas Tree Stand Lights ~

We made unique lights with vintage Christmas tree stands. The lights are available for purchase in my etsy store.

~ Leather Chair Slipcover Project ~

I really love this leather chair for the winter but I wanted to make a slipcover for the summer.  I used a cotton linen...the same I used on the Twin Bed Project.

This is how the chair looked originally...sorry about the grainy look.

Cut out the pattern following the lines of the chair and pinned the pieces together leaving a 1/2" seam allowance.

I sewed a pleated ruffle for the seat cushion and the hem. The fabric was too thick to use the ruffle attachment so I made the ruffles by folding the fabric as I fed it through the machine. This took a long time but I like the look.

After all the sewing was done...I fitted the slipcover on the chair...and really liked it but it was missing something...

I applied the stencil from Maison De Stencil to the back and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it...hope you do too!

~ Mr. Sweetie Takes A Knee ~

At Valentines dinner Mr. Sweetie asked me if I would accept a white rose. Attached to the ribbon was a beautiful ring...he followed that with a proposal of marriage.  Mr. Sweetie is the man of my dreams so of course I said "yes".  We'll let you know when the date is set.

~ Mantel Lamps ~

I'm on a roll of painting metal finished lights/lamps white. Hobby Lobby half priced lamps get a coat of Creamy paint and a Tan glaze. What do you think?

~ Linen Slipcovers for Twin Beds ~

The back porch has L-shaped twin beds that we also use as a lounging area to watch TV and read...this is also the grand kid's room. I slipcovered the existing cushions with a cream cotton linen fabric. I also made six Euro pillow covers out of the same fabric for the beds.

~ Renovated Bathroom ~

When I purchased this 1950 ranch house the master bathroom had a hole in the floor, hideous green tile, a door that blocked the only cabinet and a sliding tub door.  I don't have before pictures but you can imagine what the bath looked like. 

I hung toile wallpaper and had the builder construct the board and batten paneling and shelf.  This is the first mirror I selected for the bath.

This is the second mirror...I really like this one.

Made a shelf with two garage sale corbels and two pieces of glass out of my stash.

My paternal Grandmother's china.

First ceiling fixture...sorry about the different bulbs:)

Mr. Sweetie hung the vintage light fixture...really like this one. This came from my sister's room when we were growing up at home.

~ Kitchen Chandelier Goes White Too ~

The brown kitchen chandelier needed to be lighten with the three smaller kitchen ceiling lights posted below. I painted all the lights one coat with "Creamy" by Sherwin Williams. Mixed a small amount of light tan paint with latex glaze...painted on and rubbed off with a cotton rag. As I was rubbing off the glaze some of the Creamy paint came off showing some of the brown finish. I liked the brown showing through plus I sanded off some more to distress the lights. When I placed the candle covers over the lights they were too dark so I glazed and rubbed them too. I really like the brighter look to the kitchen. If I want them brown again all I have to do is paint again. I love to paint.

~ Display Cabinet Kitchen Island Goes White ~

Mr. Sweetie never knows what I'm going to paint next...well this time the paint brush landed on the kitchen island.  What a difference this made to the look of the kitchen...so much brighter than the stain look.

I painted the cabinet with an oil base primer...wow does that stink up the house. Let the primer cure for a couple of days before painting with Creamy latex satin. I only applied one coat of paint. I decided not to distress with this being an island as it will get plenty of distressing with time.

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~Dark to Light Ceiling Fixtures ~

It is so cold and icy in Texas today...out of school/work today so glazing the light fixtures I painted last week.  They had a dark finish so I wanted to lighten them.  There are three small fixtures...two are finished and one larger fixture over the island.  I will show the island fixture maybe next week.

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