~ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshops ~

Workshops are so much fun!  
You will learn multiple techniques using the most amazing paint in the world.

By the end of the class you will be inspired to transform those 
old brown pieces of furniture into amazing pieces you can be proud of.

Visit Lady Butterbug and sign up to join in on the fun and take advantage 
of the specials available only to class members.  

Hope to see you soon ~ Karla

~ Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets ~

I hope you're having a great Wednesday.
  The painting of our kitchen cabinets is done.

The cabinets are painted in Old White using a stencil from Maison de Stencils painted in Graphite
 Laura made this stencil especially for us of our wedding date of March 25th
We sell Maison de Stencils at Smitten on the Square in Downtown McKinney.

This cabinet painting project was especially easy using
Chalk Paint and one coat of clear wax.

I hope you love this look as much as I do!!!

~ Chalk Paint & Stencil Kitchen Cabinets ~

After having several questions about using Chalk Paint on kitchen cabinets...
...I decided to put it to the test.
Stay tuned for the finished product reveal. 
I'm off to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to look for knobs.

~ Chalk Paint Bar Stools ~

These bar stools had black paint on them before painting in Old White.

I got a little paint on the rush seats.  I allowed the paint to dry and flecked off with my fingernail.

I'm really pleased with the new look.

~ Lady Butterbug Now Open at Smitten ~

So excited to be selling Chalk Paint at Smitten!
I love being on the Square in Historic Downtown McKinney!

Here is a picture of our paint displayed in a vintage hardware nail bin....
...pretty cool with the lamp shade umbrella on top!

Hope to see you all soon!

We are Excited to Announce!

We are opening shop at Smitten on the square in Historic Downtown McKinney. 
We are offering lowered pricing for quantity purchases of Annie's Paint. 
Please stop by and visit soon!

We have also lowered our prices and shipping charges to all of our customers who prefer to order thru our online store and have the products delivered!

~ Gilding Wax Stenciled Dresser ~

Got a steal on this dresser from our neighbor...
loved the original paint...
but couldn't get Chalk Paint® on it quick enough!

So I broke out the Louis Blue and Old White...and away I went!

Once I had it painted it was time to wax.

I gave it one coat of Annie's Soft Clear Wax...

...and then I distressed the piece using #3 steel wool to my liking.
Allow the wax to dry overnight and buff with a lint free rag to a lustrous sheen.

I love the detail work on this dresser.

The dresser must be old because it had been painted white, green, and a blue.

I stenciled the two drawers with Gilding Wax in color King Gold.
To make a Gilding Wax glaze...take a small amount of Gilding Wax out of the pot
and thin with a few drops of mineral spirits.
Blue tape the stencil where you want it.  Take a stencil brush or a small
artist brush and apply the Gilding Wax glaze sparingly.
Gilding Wax dries very quickly.
No need to apply Clear Wax over the Gilding Wax because it is a wax.

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~ Chalk Paint on Fabric ~

Look at this sweet French chair that a friend of mine
asked me if I could paint the fabric with Chalk Paint®
decorative paint by Annie Sloan....
Well heck yeah!

So this is the before fabric.

I spritzed the fabric with a little water before painting.
Then lightly applied the paint in a circular motion.

This is what the fabric looks like after painting with Versailles.

The paint accented the texture in the fabric
and it remained soft and supple.

Give this a try!
It was quick and easy and we love the look...hope you do too!
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