~ Annie Sloan Pure White Dresser ~

I'm so excited to be updating the master bedroom.  
I completed Mr. Sweetie's dresser this afternoon in 
Annie Sloan's new color Pure White.

Chalk Paint™ Painted Dresser

I love the Pure White on this dresser.  
Just two coats of paint and a thin coat of clear wax.  So easy and fast!!!

Chalk Paint™ Painted Dresser

I decided to leave the hardware alone...just took it off during painting.  
The key holes I painted and sanded when dry.

Chalk Paint™ Pure White Dresser

My dresser that I painted in Louis Blue and Old White
needed something spiffy on the drawers

I stenciled an agapanthis leaf arch and crown with gold Gilding Wax.  
I just love the look!!!

I'm painting two wood frame French chairs with beautiful gold velvet fabric.  
My Mom gave me these chairs and I love the fabric but want to 
Frenchy the wood with Old White and clear wax.
I will do a tutorial soon on how to paint around fabric without ruining it.

Lady Butterbug

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Sharon, aka Bootersmom03 said...

Love the White, Karla!! I haven't used any of my white yet...still looking for the perfect piece!

Deana said...

just lovely! this would be so great at my blog party From Trash to Treasure. I hope you'll join!!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

so pretty-great job!