~ Annie Sloan Chair Redo ~

I can remember as a child Mom and Dad hiring an interior decorator. 
They purchased two chairs and had them covered in this beautiful golden velvet.  
I fortunately received the chairs when my parents moved into an senior community.

Before Chair

The upholstery is still in great shape and I love  the color.  
I wanted to paint the wood in Chalk Paint™ Old White without ruining the fabric.  
So I taped off the upholstery with the trusty blue painter's tape
How to Tape Chair

I painted two coats of the Old White, clear waxed, distressed, and clear waxed again. 
Next I took off the blue tape and not a drop or smear of paint anywhere.
I buffed with a soft rag....

...I just love the new look.

Chalk Paint™ Painted Chair

Watch out second chair...you're next!

Chalk Paint™ Painted Chair

What a simple and inexpensive way to
paint a chair without messing up the upholstery!!!

Maybe you noticed the stenciled floor...I will post about how I achieved this look soon.


  1. Karla, I love the Old White on your chairs! Can't wait to see the rest of your floor!

  2. Painting the chair made all the difference, I can't believe how great it looks, its like a whole new chair.

  3. The chair looks awesome! I'm so glad you posted this because I was contemplating doing a chair that has great (almost new) fabric but I don't love the wood color. Now I'm going to go ahead and try it!

  4. Love the new look to the chair!

  5. The chair looks great and I can't wait to hear about the floor!

  6. Great way to update the chair, and from the looks of it your entire space is lovely!
    I would love to get my hands on a similar chair, but around here people have caught on that they are hot and the prices are crazy!!
    So, for now I will just drool over yours:)

  7. Karla -
    I've been waiting to see if anyone would dare try this because I've been wanting to!! Thanks for posting this - LOVE!


  8. I have now used Annie Sloan paints twice on chairs not unlike these and am waiting for my upholsterer to recover the frame. I like the results but find it is a little more time and confusing than expected. I have also been blogging about the process!