BREAKING NEWS!! Annie Sloan's American Tour Coming to Dallas!! March 16, 2012

Annie's 1st stop on her 2012 Workshop Tour will be at the 
Marriott Courtyard on Stacy Rd. in Allen
Friday March 16
We would love to see you there!!

Please visit Annie's Tour for all the details and venues for her
2012 American Workshop Tour!

Lady Butterbug

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Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Oh how exciting!Will have to visit Atlanta!

Thanks for sharing!

Berta said...

I wish I could come! And it is March 16, 2012??? Your post has 2011 :)

Lady Butterbug said...

Thanks it now...2012 :)

Jordan said...

This is great news! I live in Denton so it's just down the road from me. I hope I can save up the money to go!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Sounds like great fun, I'll have to check if she'll be in my area. Just found your blog and I'm loving some of the tutorials and the many projects you have done.
Nice to meet you!
new follower