~ Chalk Paint™ Makes A Splash ~

Yes Chalk Paint™ decorative paint can be
 used on the exterior of an old cast iron tub!  
One of our wonderful customers
~ Carol Reince ~
shared this with us so we could share it with you.

Chalk Paint™ Bathtub

That is Annie's Graphite on the outside of the tub and the 
little cuties, Carol's grand kids, in the tub 
get credit for the chalk work written on it.
Tooooo cute!

~ Just an FYI ~
The Chalk Paint™ works great 
 on the outside of the tub - no wax required!

Lady Butterbug

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

That is good to know!
cute photo...

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

I've heard so much about these paints lately. I am trying to find them in my area. That is a cute picture!

dempsey.ae said...

Do you need to prep the outside of the tub with anything before you paint? I have an old cast iron tub and want to find the easiest way to paint it.