~OMG - We know a STAR!!~

Coming August 15th @ 9:00pm on A&E

Jenny Grumbles

That's right! Jenny Grumbles, the owner of Uptown Country Home in Dallas
 located in Snider Plaza, is the newest cast member on the upcoming season of
 Storage Wars Texas airing on A&E.

Jenny has a fabulous shop and we are proud 
to have it as our retail location for all things 
Annie Sloan in Dallas!

You have to stop by to meet Jenny 
and drool over the wonderful pieces she has in her shop!

Here is a link to a great article on her.

Lady Butterbug

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Lilly said...

This is so exciting! So glad to hear about your workshops. My friend and I have been wanting to learn how to use the chalk paint and could definitely use an in person tutorial!


Stephanie said...

Wow - I'll have to watch it!