~ Chalk Paint™ on Upholstery ~

This sweet Princess Chair with brocade 
upholstery was begging for an update.

So out came the Chalk Paint™ decorative paint color Versailles.  
I thought Versailles would compliment the gold frame.

 I applied a thin coat of Versailles 
using a round brush in a circular motion.  

 Applying the paint in a circular motion
caught the paint in the texture of the fabric.

I also painted the nail heads 
and sanded back after the paint dried.

I painted two of these chairs...such a fast and inexpensive update.
One sample pot of Chalk Paint™ would easily cover two chairs.
I love how the pattern of the fabric shows through the paint.

I didn't wax the chairs but you can wax if you like.

Give painting upholstery a try with Chalk Paint™ 
and save the cost of reupholstering.

Leather can be painted too!

Lady Butterbug

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susi said...

looks fab - what is the feel of it" soft? hard? i have some upholstery needing a cheap update.

Stephanie said...

I have not tried chalk paint on upholstery yet but I love this! Can't believe how the pattern of the fabric shows through!

Lady Butterbug said...

Thanks Stephanie & Susi! Susi the fabric is soft because I didn't add a lot of paint allowing the texture of the fabric to come through.

Lucinda said...

BEAUTIFUL!! A total transformation:)