~ How to Care for Painted Furniture ~

                                  Caring for Your Painted Furniture

Please treat your newly finished piece of furniture as you would a fine fabric or antique - with respect!
You will continue to enjoy the look and feel of your finely finished furniture for years to come.
·         All water-based and oil-based furniture finishes need 21 - 28 days to cure (or even longer if there are several layers of wax); treat it with care during this period and avoid excess handling.
·          Do not place water glasses, sharp or scratchy objects on it.
·          When cleaning, use a soft dry cloth.
·          To obtain best results when removing unwanted stains, use a slightly damp cloth or   chamois with mild soap and water; do not use any abrasive products or tools.
·          Avoid all contact with liquid furniture polishes and spray polishes.
·          Avoid excessive water; wax is by nature water resistant but will spot if not wiped immediately.
·          Use place-mats and coasters on tabletops.
·          Wax is alcohol soluble and should not be used in bar areas.
·          A moderate climate is best; avoid extreme heat or air-conditioning, as well as excessive moisture or dryness.
I hope this gives you some tips on taking care of your painted furniture! 

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Divine Theatre said...

I am printing this out for my Handsome Husband to see. ;)

Merry Christmas!



LazBoy Lynwood said...

Generally, avoid any direct contact with liquid to keep wooden finishes from having ring marks. Thanks for posting.

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