NEW BOOK by Annie Sloan!!!
Color Recipes for Painted Furniture

Available online and in the Shops this week

40 new and inspiring step-by-step projects demonstrating the easy way to upcycle furniture and transform your home. You'll learn how to work with color and undertake projects in lots of different styles, including French, Boho Chic, Swedish, Country and Modern Contemporary. You'll also learn several techniques such as distressing, colorwashing, gilding, decoupage, stenciling, dyeing fabric with paint and creating limed oak and faux marble effects. So grab a pot of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, the book, and make your own magic happen!

Lady Butterbug

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Divine Theatre said...

I am in the process of choosing a color for a painted secretary. Maybe this will help?


fahim ali said...

Hey!Thank you so much for your original post! Its was so helpful and I love the way these turned out! Thanks again!
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