~ Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan 1880's Walnut Dresser Makeover ~

A couple of weeks ago I purchased this beautiful vintage dresser with its original
wooden handles. 
It was a gorgeous walnut dresser hand made in the 1880's.

I knew this piece was perfect for Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan
I wish I had taken "before" pics...I am so bad about that!

                                                    Here is a picture of the finished piece.
The dresser is painted in color Old Ochre
and the wooden drawer pulls and accents are painted in color Pure White
I did not paint the walnut top but applied one coat of Annie's Clear Wax
to add a lustrous finish
I painted 2 coats of Old Ochre thinning the second coat with water
which makes the paint go further and it glides on smoothly.
The drawer pulls and accents were painted the same way using Pure White.

After the paint dried...which doesn't take long, I applied
Annie's Soft Clear Wax over the painted surfaces.
I distressed slightly using #3 steel wool while the wax was still "wet".

I applied Annie's Clear Wax directly to the natural walnut finish on the top 
which really brought it back to life. After giving the wax 24 hours to dry I 
buffed the wax
with a lint free rag and the piece was done!
This dresser turned out so well that I cannot part with it. 
It will be moved to our house someday.

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