~ Lady Butterbug Shoppe now open in McKinney ~

At the end of January this year my husband Steve and I purchased this historic 1920's 
filling station/country store in McKinney, TX and transformed it into the 
We opened last Thursday and lots of wonderful customers showed up...it was awesome!  
We've been the greater Dallas area Stockist for Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan 
since bringing her products to north Texas in May of 2011.  
We also specialize in painted furniture and European style home decor.

The shop address is 1701 N. Waddill St. just 1.5 miles east on Hwy. 380 off Hwy. 75
and is located behind the new WinCo Food Store.  
Shop hours are 10-5 Tues-Sat. Plenty of available parking spaces! 
Come visit us and let us help you with all your Chalk Paint® needs.  

The Shoppe replaces our former locations in Frisco and McKinney 
and will also be the new home for our Workshops.

Please visit my website for all our locations and Workshop info.
Hope to see you soon!!
Karla & Steve

Lady Butterbug

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Lisa said...

Congrats! Congrats! I'll be in soon!

Peggy and Elizabeth said...

We will miss you at Antique Company Mall, but we are happy for you Karla! Congratulations!