~ Charles Dilbeck Designed Home in Sherman, TX. ~

I met the most wonderful couple today, Honey and Robert, as I knocked on their front door to ask if I could take pictures of their Charles Dilbeck designed home. Honey is an interior designer and Robert is an attorney. They purchased the home from the original owners; added on a living area, master bedroom and bath. They just moved in three days ago and they invited me into the house...can you believe my good fortune to see this beautiful home inside and out. They have the original Dilbeck blueprints...home built in the 1920's.

Charles Dilbeck is a famous architect starting his architecture practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Charles relocated to Dallas , Texas in 1933. For the next twenty-five plus years, he created many wonderful houses in the Dallas area, each saying, "I am a Dilbeck house." Here are some pictures of a true Dilbeck home; the only one in Sherman, Texas.

Lady Butterbug

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Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Hi Karla,
Hello from Dallas - I just found you through Brenda's blog! Your home and gardens are just so lovely. I too love those Dilbeck homes, wouldn't it be dreamy to have one? Thanks for the great photos!
Cheers, Andrea

Karla at Home said...

Hi Andrea,

Glad you like Dilbeck too. There is a Dilbeck look alike in McKinney and I stopped by this house the other day and left my business card with the owner if she decides to sell. I would love to live in a Dilbeck or at least a look-a-like:) Karla