~ Summer Phlox ~

I'm ready for the summer phlox to bloom in the yard. Fifteen more bags of leaves raked today...now the perennials can get some sun to grow.

Oxalis, hostas, roses, Althea trees, miscantha, redbuds, and creeping jenny are all in full bud. The oaks have finally lost all their leaves and budding too. Oh, I forgot the hydrangeas and lenten rose are in full bud. HOW I LOVE SPRING!!!

Lady Butterbug

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glimpse of my world said...

love the spring too..... i'm all done with the makeover.... stop by and see the new burlap ruffled curtains!!

debianne said...

I'm anxious to be outside also...very soon! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Best wishes to you and Mr. Sweetie...our anniversary is March 29th. Great time of year for a wedding and future anniversaries.
All the best and many blessings!