~ Sunday Chores ~

Mr. Sweetie is a slave driver  :) ...he and I have been out in the yard raking leaves. We have raked 58 bags of leaves in the past week and probably that many to go. Nice to have 3 mature oak trees and 2 mature pecan trees but the leaves are a chore.

Next Mr. Sweetie had us putting down quarter round in the living room and breakfast room...I told you he is such a slave driver  :)  We haven't finished this project...ran out of molding. I'll show you a picture of the completed project tomorrow.

Finally I scraped one side of the greenhouse and caulked in preparation for primer and paint. We built the greenhouse last summer and finished painting two walls. We will finish painting now that spring is here.

Lady Butterbug

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I just love that little green house of yours. I must go and find another post about it.

I think I've read it before...but didn't save it. Speaking of saving...do you save your leaves and compost them? Since you have a green house I thought maybe you do, but I see them bagged up like for pick up or something. They make great compost!
Your garden looks so nice. Can't wait to see the quarter round all finished. That is a project we need to do.

Anonymous said...

Ooh...that Mr. Sweetie...better watch him! It's a good thing he is soooo handsome and talented!!