~ Hydrangeas ~

The hydrangeas are really spectacular this year.  We had a very cold winter for Texas and a nice long spring...maybe that is why they are so pretty.

The mopheads of varying color.

I've been feeding them with azalea food this year.

I planted these last season thinking I bought all the same kind but out of four only two match.

Oakleaf hydrangeas


  1. My oakleafs are huge and beautiful! If you go out the right time of day they smell heavenly. :) The rest of my hydrangeas are waiting to bloom. Can't wait! Yours are beautiful!!

  2. Karla, They are beautiful. I have tried to grow hydrangeas for the past 3 years with little success. I bought 2 new ones this year and they are struggling. I live in Plano and they are under a shaded tree that gives them plenty of sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Both are in large pots. Any tips to help me keep these going? They are expensive to replace but I'm not giving up. Thanks in advance for any help.

  3. I killed the only hydrangea I ever had... but reading up on them years ago; it seems like I remember hearing that the color of flower changes with different soil or soil amendments? Maybe you did buy the same kinds, but the soil is different?
    Just thought I throw that out there... Pat