Annie Sloan Garden Project Workshop!!

This are going to be fun!!
I have taken numerous pieces in my yard 
and made them really special and unique using 
Annie's wonderful Chalk Paint® 

Before Glider

After Glider

Come take a tour of my garden to see what can be done 
and then we will head to the workshop so 
you can make over the piece you bring! 

Bring a planter, metal chair, iron work, shutter, 
small metal table...something you can carry. 
All 35 colors of Annie's wonderful paint 
will be available for you to use

Lady Butterbug

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Anne said...

That looks amazing!!!!Love that color too.

Cyndi ✪ Blue Star said...

Had not thought about using ASCP on my glider! Now there's an idea! I do want to come this summer for a workshop, though!

Stephanie said...

Your glider looks wonderful - love the color!