~ Summer Fireplace Mantel ~

Hubster off playing golf so a bit of alone time to decorate
the fireplace mantel for summer.

Decorated Mantel

The architectural piece is part of a wooden gable piece
I used to build an arbor in our garden.
I will show you the arbor in another post soon.

Decorated Mantel

I love the open spaces from the missing wooden parts.

The dried hydrangeas came from my garden.
I used them to cover up the lamp cords.

Mantel Closeup

I hope you like my summer mantel!

Lady Butterbug

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Lisa said...

Beautiful Karla! Love the lamps too!
PS I have been painting away since the fun workshop! :)

Sisters Treasures said...

Hi, I've been a follower of yours and apologize for not commenting, but I wanted to tell you that that mantle display is gorgeous. I love the architectural gable piece (just as it is). Those are hard to find. The use of the dried hydrangeas is great.

Stephanie said...

That architectural piece is amazing!

limestone columns said...

I like your idea of covering cord with dried hydrangeas. Your mantel looks really gorgeous.

~ Herman Swan