~Hey Mister! What are Those?~

~Trash to Treasure~

So I walked out of the house one afternoon to meet Mr. Sweetie
when he got home from work and he had two really cool
heavy industrial valves that came off of one of his jobs in the back of his truck.

They were headed back to his shop as trash!
WELL...hold on there!
I love the industrial look and with a little convincing we unloaded them
off his truck and set them on the patio.
I had the galvanized tops with the crimped edges made
for them at our local sheet metal shop and....

Transformed them into some really cool plant stands!

Projects like this are fun & easy...you just have to keep
your eyes open to those one of a kind pieces that may be
headed to the trash unless you save them!

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  1. LOVE your gardens - so beautiful!!

    What fun plant stands too!