~ Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan Wood Handle Dresser ~

I love this dresser with the curvy mirror and wooden handles...
sitting on the back porch

Dresser painted in Old White Chalk Paint® and Annie's Clear Wax

 Look at the details on this dresser...
~wooden handles~
 ~keyhole on each drawer~
~ two little jewelry drawers~

This is my favorite dresser I have ever painted!

Lady Butterbug

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Debby said...

I have a dresser almost exactly like this. It doesn't have the mirror. It does have those little drawers on the top. It was my grandmothers. My parents had it refinished some years ago. The wood is beautiful so I will never paint it. But I do love the paint on yours. It's easier to paint something that isn't a heirloom.

Anne said...

What a beautiful piece! Lovely details!

Sacred Heart Design said...

Your beautiful work is so inspiring to me! I just ordered the gilding wax from you and can't wait to try it out.~Diane

Lady Butterbug said...

Thanks for ordering the gilding wax...you will love it!

thistlewoodfarm said...