~ Gorgeous Books Painted in Chalk Paint® ~

                                So, what does a book-lover do during these dreary winter days...
Debbie Dion Hayes, the marketing director at Annie Sloan Unfolded, has the answer...

paint some used books with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, what else?

 Who doesn't have a pile just waiting for redesign?

for instructions on how to paint your own books!

Lady Butterbug

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Sisters Treasures said...

That is such a clever idea.
I wanted to congratulate you on your feature in the new Flea Market Gardens magazine. I just picked a copy up yesterday and as I was reading the first feature article, I recognized your photo from your blog pic and really enjoyed the article about your yard. It was such a great article, congratulations again.

Md Rajon said...


Lady Butterbug said...

Thank you Betsy!