~ Painted Upholstery in Chalk Paint® ~

I have painted several upholstery pieces 
with Chalk Paint® with great success...sooooo 

I purchased this dainty Victorian chair
with crushed velvet upholstery to see how a 
heavily textured upholstery would take the paint.

First I painted the wooden frame in Old White.
No sanding or priming needed...just started painting.

This is what the chair looked like with one coat 
of Old White on the wooden frame.
I added about 5% water to the paint for the second coat.
                                            This saves paint and creates a smooth second coat.

Next I painted the crushed velvet with 
French Linen applied full strength to the fabric.
This crushed velvet has a deep nap so the paint didn't 
cover the bright orange fabric like I hoped it would.
At this point I'm not sure this look is working for me :(

I applied Versailles (I didn't like the French Linen over the orange fabric)
as the second coat color to the crushed velvet.  After drying 
I applied a coat of clear wax to soften the painted velvet.
Now it is looking much better!
 I applied clear and dark wax to the chair frame and 
distressed lightly letting the stain show through.

Renaissance Gilding Wax was applied to the details of the
                                                        painted frame and brass nail heads.

       Fabrics are different and the crushed velvet proved that! 
The pictures don't do the finished product justice but it really did
turn out nice and it will only get better with time.
I love my new one of a kind beautiful chair!!

Lady Butterbug

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Cathy Stewart said...

Hi Karla,
I took your beginner class in December and loved it! I have big plans to paint my kitchen cabinets, a gate leg table, etc. Just was too busy over the holidays! I am reviewing my notes and plan to start soon. May even take another class! Really love these looks! Thanks, Cathy

Curtains in My Tree said...

Looks good to me

I have a velvet high boy settee I would love to paint , maybe this spring, I am to messy to paint inside

Jehna said...

How does the fabric feel now? Is it stiff or crispy?