~ Chalk Paint® Deminar a Huge Success ~

Thank you to the 80 or so people who attended the 
 Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan DEMINAR at 
High Street Antiques & Design in Plano

Thank you to Jean and Lou at High Street for hosting 
the deminar ~ a huge success!

~ all things Annie Sloan can be purchased at ~
High Street Antique & Design
800 N. Central Expwy. in Plano, TX.

Lady Butterbug

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Carol Price Lander said...

The Deminar at High Street was wonderful. Since then I have painted the base of my pub table Pure White. I left the top the orginal stain and it looks awesome. really gave it a great pop. I also used the Silver Gilding Wax to tone down the brassy color of a large frame. It looks great. Painted an old chair I've had since college which was a dark brown stain: used Louis Blue and then Old White on top and distrressed it. Love it. Can't wait for my next project. Hate to miss the City View opening (been there twice), but helping a friend with an estate sale.
Carol Lander