~ Living Area Makeover ~

Kathy McCabe owner of the fabulous shop My Favorite Room,
located in historic downtown McKinney, TX,
paid a little visit to my house and rearranged a few things.  
Kathy, daughter Lindsay, and Marissa worked their magic throughout the house!
Here are a few pictures of the living room fireplace redesign.  
The hearth is painted in Old White...Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan of course!

I am a collector of vintage architectural pieces, brown transferware, triple plate,
vintage silver and concrete pieces.  Kathy displayed a lot of my pieces artfully
on the mantel. The brown transferware hung here belonged to my
maternal great grandmother.  I feel so fortunate to have her collection!

The hearth is originally ugly red brick.  I saw a picture of a hearth
covered in shells that I liked so much...I copied this idea for my hearth.  I used hot glue to
attach the shells.  The funny thing is when I turn on the gas logs
the shells fall off!  

Here is a view of the coffee table arrangement. I like the way
Kathy scattered my collection of vintage white buttons
on the old mirrored plateau.

A few years ago I designed shelled European mounted skulls and sold
them at a shop in downtown McKinney and also at my
space at a local antique mall.
Kathy hung my shelled antlers as a collection around a 
vintage mirror frame and placed a few on a metal French sideboard.

You can see on the right side the embroidered linen tablecloth I 
use as a drapery panel.  Each panel is white in color and different in style.

I observed a few things about Kathy's redesign process.
First she started putting items in piles on the floor where the items
would be used.  These piled items related to one another in some way.
Related to each other in color, texture, style or purpose.
Like the items on the mantel related in brown and white color,
varied textures of the concrete and chippy paint on the architectural pieces.
She grouped the shelled antlers together which made them more interesting
and organized looking.

Kathy and her team redesigned several rooms in my house.
I cried when I walked into the house. She had beautifully arranged
and designed all my collections and family treasures.

Next time you are in the area be sure to stop by and pay all the gals 
at My Favorite Room a visit!

Also stop by my Lady Butterbug Shoppe!!!
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