~Chalk Paint® Shutters & Front Door~

This is a picture of our front yard last spring.
I'm trying to make a 1950 ranch style house into a French style house.
So the first thing I did was to lime wash the 
ugly reddish orange brick to give it a worn vintage look.  
I will post how to do the lime wash process in a later post.

Next I made the wide plank irregular shaped shutters 
fashioned after well known architect Charles Dilbeck style.
You can find how to make these shutters HERE.

    The shutters are layered painted in Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan...
colors Provence, Duck Egg, Olive, and Old White.  
I did not seal the shutters with anything. 
Remember do not wax outside...it is just too hot.
Chalk Paint® is very durable outside by itself.

If you wish to seal outside projects seal with 
Artisan Enhancement® Clear Topcoat which is exterior and interior grade.

 The front door is painted in Chalk Paint®
colors Provence and highlighted with Old White.
I did seal the front door with AE Clear Topcoat.

Here is another picture of the front area at Easter time.

 Steve and I are having a great time creating our French style house.

Please visit our website HERE for all your Chalk Paint®
and Artisan Enhancement® needs.

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Anonymous said...

That custom shutters are really making the home so inviting and comfortable to live in. Aside from beautifying your homes, it also serves as protection when it storms.

Raksha Varma said...

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Shutters said...

Beautiful...I can't tell how much I like these shutters houston.it make the house so fantastic