~ Begonias in Lady Butterbug's Garden ~

I am kind of obsessive about having many dragon wing begonias in my garden.

Begonias are the perfect shade loving plant and I have a shade garden...1/2 acre of
wonderful shade from two mature pecan trees and 
three sprawling Texas red oak trees.

I order 80 - 120 begonia baskets per season for my yard and to sell
in my Lady Butterbug Shoppe.

Making sphagnum lined hanging baskets is my thing.
Large wire baskets with four armed hangers lined with
sphagnum make the perfect
basket to hold the weight of the dirt and plant
and this basket makes a nice show.

I ordered a few new types of dragon wing begonias this year.  Not sure
if these are new begonia styles but they are new to me.

The new begonias are called Bossa Nova in pink and white
and Funky Pink.

I just completed having my detached garage renovated.
The construction crew tore up the landscaping around 
the garage so I needed to replant.  This is the first time I
have planted the begonias in the ground.  Hopefully they
will do well here in the filtered shade.

Dragon wing begonias are always planted around the greenhouse.
They do well under the eaves of the building and
I plant them in the front window baskets
and in the vintage hardware store nail bins.

Begonias bloom all season providing my garden with beautiful
pink, red and white flowers.
They are the only plant in my garden that blooms all season
and they love the Texas heat!!!

I feed them with Miracle Grow using a hose end feeder
once a week.
I do not have a sprinkler system so I do a lot of hand
watering.  I water my babies every other day.  They hold a lot 
of water in their stems so I don't have to water every day.

Begonias look good planted with coleus, caladiums, creeping Jenny,
ferns of all kinds, inpatients and other shade loving plants.

Rows of begonia baskets hot off the delivery truck.  I look forward
to spring planting and planting always begins for me with begonias.

Dragon Wing Begonias are sold at my Lady Butterbug Shoppe!!!

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