~ IOD DECOR STAMP called Birds Blossoms and Branches ~

I am a Stockist for IOD Decor products and
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®
in McKinney, TX.

Annie Sloan® is the creator of Chalk Paint®
...she invented the paint and wax 27 years ago.

IOD Decor products is the brainchild of
 two very creative sisters...Josie and Sally.

This is a door design Josie created at her home.

She painted the door in color Napoleon Blue painted over color Provence...
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.

IOD Decor sisters are bringing out many new products in June.

is part of their new stamp collection.

Josie used Annie Sloan® paints and acrylic paints
with the decor stamps.

Isn't this door to die for!!!!

The video below will detail how Josie created this wonderful look
using IOD Decor stamps and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.

IOD Decor stamps are super easy to use!!!

I will show you on another post how Josie created the WELCOME on the door
using an IOD Decor alphabet stamp and gilding foil.

Lady Butterbug Shoppe is a Stockist for IOD Decor Products.
Stop by the shoppe for product info. and how to use these
DIY friendly creative products.

Lady Butterbug

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