~ Lady Butterbug Shoppe Opening Soon ~

Update on the new Shop

The outside has been painted and we are working like crazy on the inside to get ready to open. 

 Please remember we will be leaving the 
Antique Company Mall at the end of March.

 We would love to have the new Shop open by then but the 
construction may take a week or so in to April to complete.

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan will be available at our other
 Lady Butterbug® locations in Plano, Dallas or Grapevine.
Addresses found HERE

Lady Butterbug

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paperjunk-lc said...

Where will your new location be??

Meckenzie Malwitz said...

So exciting!

Lady Butterbug said...

The location is 1701 N. Waddill St. McKinney