~Gilding Wax~

Gilding Wax comes in four different colors ranging from gold to silver.

Most of the time I apply it using my pointer finger 
but it can be applied with an artist brush.

  Gilding wax is used primarily to add beautiful detail to a piece,
 in combination with or instead of distressing or a fancy wax finish. 
You still need to wax your piece to seal it, but Annie's
 Clear Wax finish is all you need if you will be using this Gilding Wax!

 King Gold Gilding Wax  by Lady Butterbug

 Gilding Wax by PJH Designs

                                                 Silver Gilding Wax by The Painted Sisters

 So, the step by step process looks something like this:
1. Paint your piece whatever Chalk Paint® color you choose!
2. Let paint dry, apply Annie’s Clear Wax and/or Dark Wax.
3. Let waxes dry overnight and buff with a soft rag.
4. Lastly, apply the Gilding Wax with your finger to detailed or raised areas.

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Lady Butterbug

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Linda Decorating Chick said...

Ooh my I LOVE this!! Never seen this before. Georgeous!! Were can you order a color from and how much is one? Thanks. love your page. :))

Lady Butterbug said...

You can order Gilding Wax from me at Lady Butterbug. There is an order button on this page taking you to shop. Karla

Jennifer Joyce said...

I'm in love! Which Annie Sloan chalk paint did you use. To achieve that grade? I would love to use these colors in my dining room! Thanks!