~ Lady Butterbug's Garden ~

I wish you could stroll through my garden with me!!!

There are so many stories to be told about my garden.

This little area on the south side of the garden is under a huge Texas Pecan Tree
that is leaning almost to the ground so it can get some light.  This leaning
tree is overshadowed by another huge Pecan Tree that is around 100 feet tall.
It is the big daddy tree of the yard!!!
The Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are in full bloom in late May and early August.
The Dragon Wing Begonia baskets planted in wire baskets with spaghnum
moss will bloom until the first frost.

I hung the vintage pink bike from chains from the underpinning of the house.
Using an overhead projector I outlined the images on the wall
and filled the images in with craft paint.
The painting was done in early spring as the Oak Leaf Hydrangeas
were starting to spread their leaves.

I filled clay pots with early blooming purple daisies...unfortunately
these daisies don't like the Texas heat so they bit the dust in mid May.
The pots are now planted with shade plants Creeping Jenny, Purple Oxalis
and potato vine.

The saying...Enjoy the something I try to do each day.
Sometimes I am not successful but I do try.

The metal flowers on the left side of the picture I purchased at Round Top
Antique Fair several years ago.  They had faded so badly that I
repainted them using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, which
is a great paint to use waxing, in colors Barcelona Orange,
Arles, Florence and Versailles for the leaves.

Use plastic ties to attach the planters to the bike.  This bike was given
to me by a sweet neighbor who knows I am a junker!!!

I will share some other garden stories later on...stay tuned.

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  1. That wall is adorable! Your home was on the McKinney garden tour...wasn't it? I had big plans to come and had it on my calendar for 6 months. Then at the last minute, I couldn't. So sorry to miss it!