~ Lady Butterbug® Shoppe in McKinney ONLY Closing ~

It is with much sadness and also happiness that my little
Lady Butterbug® Shoppe in McKinney is closing.

Let me share my little story with you.

Last year I turned 65.  I didn't think I would react to one more
year of age the way I did...took me by surprise!  
Turning 65 was coupled with my parents turning 90 in the same year.
Both parents are of sound mind but declining somewhat physically.
I did the my head mind you...and there is 25 years
difference in our ages.
25 years goes by so quickly!!!
Do I want to be working 24/7 running a business...or
be RETIRED with plenty of time to spend with my parents, family,
friends and just relaxing and not being on such a tight schedule?

and I feel fabulous about my decision!!!

Picture taken by Karianne of Thistlewood Farm Blog

  • Where will I buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®:  The McKinney shoppe will sell paint up until the day we close. My Plano and Grapevine locations will remain open and sell Annie's paint seven days a week. The Grapevine location will also teach painting workshops.
  • Are you selling your building: My cute little main building will be rented. I will keep the yard graveled area and the Maude shed for my future ventures.  
  • Are you selling the Glen T. truck:  I'm not sure what will happen with the truck.  My gut feeling is to keep the truck.
  • When will the shoppe close: Since I own the building I don't have to be out by a certain date. 30% OFF sales are proceeding faster than I anticipated.  Inventory is moving out the door very quickly. Furniture is selling so fast workshop tables have been set up to hold the small merchandise.  The shoppe is not so brightly lit because lamps are selling quickly too. Many customers, anticipating I would lower my prices, have come into the shoppe to purchase an item and it has been sold. EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM.
  • What will I do with myself after the shoppe closes. What is my next venture: I am a project driven creative is my life! I am anticipating God will show me where my next venture will be. The Lady Butterbug Shoppe and business is God's business and that is why it has been so widely blessed.  His blessings are always with me so I will let you know where He leads me next.  Right now I will be spending plenty of time with family and friends!!! and missing my wonderful customers who have become my friends!!!
  • Will I continue to post on Lady Butterbug® Facebook and Lady Butterbug® Instagram: Yes I will continue to post on both. You are my friends there too!!!
  • Will I continue the Lady Butterbug Blog:  Yes for sure...I will have more time to write posts and take pictures.

I am so very thankful for you guys!!!
The best customers in the world.  Shari and I look forward
each day to see you visiting the shoppe...we have become friends!!!

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