~Fifi O'Neill and Mark Lohman Visiting Our House This Weekend~

Magazine editor, author and blogger Fifi O'Neill
 and photographer Mark Lohman 
will be doing a photo shoot of my 
home, garden, and Lady Butterbug Shoppe this weekend.

Fifi is the magazine editor of two magazines...
Romantic Prairie Style

 and the new magazine 
French Country Style.

She is also the author of Romantic Prairie Style.

Her blog is called Chez Fifi and can be found HERE

Mark Lohman, a California photographer, takes 
wonderfully creative pictures of home interiors, 
gardens, architecture and travel for books and magazines.

 I look forward to their visit this weekend.  

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Lady Butterbug

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Victoria said...

Oh my goodness, Fifi is quite the legend in blog world! What a huge and exciting honor to have her in your home!!! I'm following you so I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for your next post:)