~How to Make An Easy Slipcover ~

I wanted to make a slipcover for this French chair so the wood trim would show.
I used tissue paper to make a pattern,
cut out the pre-shrunk duck fabric and started sewing.
I used a 1/2" seam allowance.
  A tuck here and there and the slipcover fit.

I used Velcro to connect the arm sleeves and made support straps 
out of the duck fabric to hold the slipcover in place.

Remember to pre-wash the fabric before sewing.

Now the room is looking lighter with the light color slipcover!!!

At a later date I decided to add a monogram.  My last initial is R so the ladies designed this mirrored
R monogram for me.  I took this slipcover and a linen pillow to these two experienced monogram
ladies.  They monogrammed the back of the slipcover instead of the front and
also monogrammed the wrong side of the linen pillow!!!!
I needless to say was a little upset they had ruined two projects.
I had to add the ruffle to the now wrong side of the slipcover to make it large enough for
the front of the chair.  I was never able to fix the pillow.

I will say the monogram is beautiful!!!

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Lady Butterbug

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arrielle_p said...

I love the chair. Perfect to my new condo. :)

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