~ Awning Creation ~

I'm so excited to finally find a place for this awning in my garden.

What awning...I'm looking at old window screens!
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Old window screens

I came across five vintage screens ...the perfect shade of green...
today at Frisco Mercantile while I was stocking Chalk Paint™ in my booth.
If you happen to need Chalk Paint™ stop by my booth #603!

I painted this double wide metal awning with 5 colors of Chalk Paint™ several months ago.
It has been waiting to be used somewhere in the garden.

So I attached two vintage screens high on the fence and hung 
the awning on the screens.

Now the sink area has a cover and the awning finally has a home.

One awning off the driveway...now three more awnings to find a home.
Stay tuned...I have a plan!

My husband is soooo glad one awning is
not hanging out on the driveway anymore!!!

Lady Butterbug

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Sisters Treasures said...

I love it, Karla. What a great potting area and I'm a sucker for awnings and old screens. The sink looks great also.

Wild Oak Designs said...

You are so clever! And, yeah, my Hubby would be glad if I cleaned out the garage from all the potential projects! Yours is great, it gives me more ideas!
Have a great weekend!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Wow! I love this. So clever.


Revi said...

Hi Karla,
It's always great to be connected with another Texas blogger!
Following you back - and loving what I see here!