~ Corbel Table ~

I am a collector of vintage architectural pieces.  Construction of this table
was made with two vintage corbels, old trimwork, beadboard and
a galvanized top.

This is the table that was built last summer that I finally finished painting today.
Colors Duck Egg Blue and Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®
with a little dry brushing of Provence.

Mr. Riddle, the local metal shop man, created the top out of galvanized metal...only $75.00.
The legs are old corbels I purchased in Round Top a couple of years ago.  The corbels were cut down to table height...added a little trim on the ends and salvaged bead board on the sides...
and presto you have a table.

Oh I forgot, the top is 3/4" plywood under the metal.

I've been wanting to set the table since last year.  So since I finished painting it today, I will show you two table settings.  Of course I decide to do this staging in 100 degree weather!

Blue and red enamelware is the first table setting.  I have collected
enamelware for years. Dragonwing begonias and purple phlox add color.

I used a galvanized roofing crown as part of the center piece...not a very good picture.

For the second setting I used my Grandmother's dishes that my Mom gave me.  
They are marked Victory by Salem China Co., Salem Ohio.  
Does anyone know anything about these dishes?  
Old green glasses add color.

As you can tell from my pictures...I'm still learning about my new camera.
Oh well I will keep trying!

Lady Butterbug

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Debby said...

I love that table. Love the color and all the details. I am from Ohio but don't know about the dishes. They are pretty though.

Prior said...

that table is amazing and that seems like a great price for the table top! Your dishes are lovely, too.


Stephanie said...

That table is awesome! Can't believe you got the top for $75! Is he in McKinney?

May said...

I am trying not to covet that table too much!

Woman Seeking Center said...

Hi Karla!

Your table is beautiful and even moreso with your dishes...

I had a few pieces of china in the
flower basket cross stitch pattern
(well, how I describe it, lol)
and found this link - hope it helps you to find info on your pieces!


Lady Butterbug said...

Woman Seeking Center,

Thank you so much for the link info. about the china.


T.@WhatWeKeep said...

Wow, I love this whole set up! It's so unique. That table must weigh a ton. Love what you did with it! Hats off to Mr. Butterbug. : )