~ Cabriole Legs with Chalk Paint ~

I love this chair with its cabriole legs

It is covered with a leopard print and has a needlepoint center

I painted right over the original paint with Old White Chalk Paint

Applied Annie's Clear & Dark Wax

Then Mr. Sweetie said it needed something

So I highlighted with Rub 'n Buff Gold Leaf

AND...I just love it!!!! 

It looks really pretty with the brown transferware and vintage picture

Lady Butterbug

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Laura said...

I think it is time I tried chalk paint.
Your chair looks wonderful-

White Spray Paint

Stephanie said...

Your chair turned out LOVELY! I received my chalk paint that I ordered from you and have been playing with it - will do a review post soon!

Cozy Home Scenes said...

I'm loving all the detailed carvings of that chair and how you highlighted them. Beautiful chair!

Mimi said...

This chair is so charming! I love what you have done here. I just used AS Old White on a couple of things and love it! Now I need to try some Rub N Buff - it looks like a lot of fun!
Stopping by from the Shabby Nest

Karen said...

That is a beautiful chair,it looks so pretty painted white with the gold highlights,just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karla,
What a hoot....I saw your post on Miss Mustard Seed, went to your post, thought you looked familiar and poof....its the Karla I know here in McKinney. Love your chair and look forward to exploring your blog. :)

Your friend,
Karen of the Blue House on Louisiana Street

Victoria said...

What a gorgeous chair! I'm dying to try chalk paint, I love how it looks after you added rub n buff:)

Inspired by you said...

I love your chair. I just used chalk paint for the first time. Is there a trick to get a nice smooth finish like you can obtain with poly? I tried the wax but not very good at it.

Kellie Collis said...

What a fabulous chair! I'm loving it's intricate design! Have a wonderful week ahead, Kellie xx

Karen said...

Hi Karla~ I found your blog through Miss Mustard Seed BUT regardless of the giveaway I can see I am really going to love following you. Your blog is beautiful and I have four chairs given to me by my mom that I want to refinish but have never done this before! I am going to get a lot of ideas and inspiration from you. SO glad that I have found you!
Best to you...and when you have a chance check out my little blog. I would love to have you!
Thank you Karla!

tattered elegance said...

so so cute ~ im in love! hope ya don't mind but im gonna have to try to copy this for my home!

Brooks Interior said...

LOVE< LOVE This fabulous chair!!!!

Teresa said...

Love how you applied the stenciling and the chalk paint is just fabulous!

Lucys Baby said...

Hi Karla,
I am a rep for Caromal Colours - no priming, no sanding, you can achieve a chippy Barn Wood look, using a chipping cream, but I am dying to try your Chalk Paint- wanna swap some paint? Visit me at BushWoodArt.com
I entered to win at Miss Mustard Seed!

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish said...

I have been perusing your pretty blog...you have wonderful ideas and I think between you and Amy @ Maison Decor that you've convinced me to paint something with Annie Sloan chalk paint. I have one piece that I constantly think I need to paint or re-vamp somehow.
I like the entire vignette around the chair, which is gorgeous btw...but I Love the transferware and love painting. So pretty!