~ Chalk Paint Spindle Table ~

This is a spindle table that has a center leaf...

maybe a handmade table

The top is Old White
Bottom is Duck Egg Blue

Clear and dark waxes

Some of the many layers of paint show through

Lady Butterbug

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sandra @ french laundry 132 ♥ said...

Hi Karla!
Love it ! Hope your having a great day today.

Stephanie said...

Table looks great! I just got two more colors of Annie Sloan and I can't wait to try them!

Jennifer said...

Very nice! Can't wait to try duck egg, and Aubusson blue, they are next on my list. :)

Lady Butterbug said...

Hi Stephanie!
I saw on your blog you were at the Old Red Lumberyard over the weekend. We live right around the corner from there. We are stocking Annie's paint so keep us in mind next time you are in town and you can pick some up and save the freight. Karla