~ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Tutorial Series for Outdoor Pieces...Project #4 ~

using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® 

I purchased two metal vintage chairs
plus the matching glider...all for $60.00...what a bargain!!! 
The pieces had many layers of chippy paint but all in good shape.
Old metal outdoor furniture is getting harder and
harder to find.

I'm using the color Provence Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® on many outdoor pieces in the yard.
The color Provence is a fresh and strong blue green used on shutters in the south of France.

After painting one coat of Provence I lightly distressed finding yellow under the red and green paints.  Really looks great...no need to wax.
Let the outdoor item you have painted cure for about four to five days
before setting outside.


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Lady Butterbug

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designchic said...

I'm loving this chalk paint...great job!!

Karen said...

That looks great, love the color. Do you have to put a protective finish on Chalk paint for outdoors?

Lady Butterbug said...

Hi Karen,
No wax because of the heat. I'm going to let my chair patina with the weather. Have fun with the chalk paint.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I'm guessing one of those lovely old gliders?! ... I just love all the paint projects you've been doing.
You could be the spokesperson for these people!
Can't wait for the next project, Pat

Anonymous said...

I just love these old vintage metal chairs. Great color! I am going to have to get on the chalk paint band wagon. Looks super cute! :) ~Michelle

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for doing this series - I am dying to try the chalk paint!!

Charlene said...

I have some older metal folding chairs that need to be painted or something and may I ask what kind of preparing of your metal chairs did you do to get them ready to paint? Thank you for your help.