~ Chalk Paint® Dresser in Colors Coco and Old Ochre ~

I have a love for vintage dressers with carved wooden handles.  So when I spotted this dresser I just had to buy it especially since it has a wonderful marble top in very good condition.

This dresser did not have legs...looked very short for my liking...only 27" tall.  I found these legs in the leg bucket and I liked their profile.  So now to attach them to the dresser.  Of course no picture to show you  how I attached them but I will try to explain as best I can.


I used a 4" long double ended wood screw to attach the legs to the underneath corner bracket of the dresser.  First I used a drill bit and drilled a pilot hole into the leg.  Next I put the leg in a vice to hold in place and screwed one end of the wood screw into the leg.  Next I lined up the top of the leg screw to the dresser bracket and marked with a pen.  Drilled a pilot hole and screwed in the leg.  Repeated the procedure for the other three legs and this dresser is now 38" tall...
perfect height to be used as a sink or island.

As you can see the leg wood is different from the dresser wood but this doesn't matter because I'm painting the dresser with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.
I selected Annie's Coco and Old Ochre colors...this is a great color combination I just love to use.
Annie's color Coco is a warm greyed brown and Old Ochre is a nice warm neutral color.

I like to paint outside the can so the can top will remain clean.  Nacho boats are the perfect container to pour the paint in because they has a plastic coating which prevents the paint from soaking into the paper.  I also use wax paper because paint will not stick to the paper and it is cheap to buy.
I painted the entire dresser in two coats of Coco...letting each coat of paint to dry for about an hour.

My favorite brush to paint with is Annie's natural bristle brush...small size fits my hand the best.
This brush is perfect for getting the paint into the handle and leg details.

Next I dry brushed the handles and drawer parts with color Old Ochre.  Dry brushing means having a small amount of paint on your brush...almost DRY of paint.  Using a long bristle brush feather the brush over the base color allowing the base color to show through.  This technique is very easy and uses very little paint.

I dry brushed a little Old Ochre on the rings of the legs too.

I applied one coat of Annie's Soft Clear Wax, allowed the wax to dry overnight, and buffed with a lint free rag for a nice lustrous finish.

Please remember that all furniture waxes are not created equal.  Annie's Soft Waxes have been used with her Chalk Paint® for 27 years.

This dresser is one of my favorite pieces I have ever painted!!!

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  1. Pretty! It's an Eastlake style dresser. I have one that I am about to paint as well. Still deciding on color!