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I call Gilding Wax a miracle metallic wax because it sticks
to just about everything...wood, plastic, metal, sheet rock, fabric.

I applied two colors of Gilding Wax to this Victorian chair...
Renaissance and King Gold.
I like to layer two or three colors to create depth and interest.

The Gilding Wax was applied using my finger...just couldn't be easier.
Allow the Gilding Wax to dry and buff with a soft rag creating a
beautiful luster.

The Painted Sisters use Silver Gilding Wax on the beautiful French hardware.

I like to take a small amount of Gilding Wax out of the pot and add a
few drops of mineral spirits to create a glaze.
A glaze is thinned wax which can
easily be applied with a small artist brush to small areas
 of your piece of furniture, cabinets, or picture frames.

~ I sell Gilding Wax in four colors ~

Empire Gold
King Gold



TWO people will win one Gilding Wax in the color of your choice.
Leave a comment BELOW this post stating your color choice and how
you will use the Gilding Wax.
I will select the winners on Sunday, May 3rd.
The winners will be announced on my Facebook page Lady Butterbug.

You can purchase Gilding Waxes, Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan products, and
Artisan Enhancement® products
at my Lady Butterbug shop.

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Jeannie Clarke said...

I have used a similar product before, but love the look you can achieve with gilding wax. All four choices are gorgeous, but I would probably choose the King Gold. An old chest I recently painted has the original hardware, but it definitely needs something to take it up a notch. Thank you for the opportunity.

Robin Gailey said...

I am a professional Faux Finisher who was asked to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paints for a large kitchen cabinet job. I've been using it ever since and love it. I am excited to try the gilding wax in the future. I also love the color choices, but would probably choose Silver or King Gold for my first color. I have a country french dresser I would like to redo in a dark color with silver or rich gold accents on the edges. The products look amazing.

Vicky said...

I have a frame that I would like to try the silver on.

Anonymous said...

I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and have used the Gilding Wax with a stencil achieving great results, so yes a huge fan! My choice would be silver, I think I want to give my dining room chandelier a new look!

Suzan Herskowitz said...

I have a chest in my living room that could use a little pizzazz. I'd probably like King Gold.

Lori R. said...

I have a bunch of furniture to be done this summer. This would help add some depth to my projects. I like the Kings Gold but all are nice.

Lori R. said...

I have a bunch of furniture projects for the summer. I like the Kings Gold.

Lisa O' said...

I purchased a french country style china cabinet that I have been picturing in a pale blue with silver accents so the silver Gilding Wax would be perfect.

janatryon said...

I just discovered chalk painting and I am already addicted!! I am working on my guest bedroom and I would love to use the silver gliding wax on the dresser.

Bonnie Eckert said...

I would love to try the silver on a jewelry frame I am doing
for my daughter.
She is closing on her first place on Monday
and we are having so much fun painting,
refurbishing,and hunting
for all the things she will need/want!

rmerryman said...

I would use gilding was to revitalize the hardware on my newly chalk painted kitchen cabinets and the hardware/trim on an antique French armoire.

MandyKayne said...

I have had a project in mind for a while now that would be perfect with the silver gilding wax. I buy all my Annie Sloan and Artisan Enhancement products only through Lady Butterbug.

Tee Jay Generalao said...
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Tee Jay Generalao said...

I just discovered Chalk Painting and I am already addicted!!

kyle gascon said...

what you're doing here is great. i hope you'd continue sharing your art with us