~ Artisan Enhancement Crackle Tex Clock ~

I have a thing for anything Gustavian/Swedish style.
The Swedish Mora clock is one of my favorite shaped clocks...
                        ...did I tell you I like clocks too.

           This clock is black...
                                           ...butttttt I prefer WHITE...

.....soooo you guessed it   ~   color Old White to the rescue.  Of course Old White is
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

 I also wanted to add a lot of texture to this Mora clock so...
              I used Artisan Enhancement® Crackle Tex to achieve the crackle chippy look I desired.

         Let me share with you how to achieve this chippy crackle look.

Needed supplies:

Annie Sloan® Small or Medium Pure Bristle Paint Brush (this is the best paint brush in the world!)
Old White Chalk Paint®
Artisan Enhancement® Crackle Tex
Sea wool sponge (must use this type not go cheap on me here)

The first step is to liberally apply the AE Crackle Tex over your base color.  I left the original black color because I want a little of the black to show through.
             ....Now don't be shy with the Crackle Tex...apply it thickly!!!

                                       The Crackle Tex goes on white but will dry clear....

The Crackle Tex will dry in about two hours depending on the thickness.  If you don't have time to     continue to the next step until the next day that is okay.

For the next step you will need the Old White Chalk Paint®, Annie's small bristle paint brush and the sea wool sponge.  Liberally apply the Old White over the dry Crackle one small section at a time. 

                              See how liberally I applied the paint?  You need a lot of paint so you will
                     have a chippy crackle look.

                                   Allow the paint to start drying but not all the way dry!
Take the DAMP sea wool sponge and press the sponge against the paint, slightly twist the sponge and pull up.  Reverse the twisting motion in the opposite direction and create the look you want.  If you press too hard the base color will come through too much.

Now go on to the next section, apply the paint, let it dry a bit, create your look with the sponge, and    continue until your entire project is complete.

I worked in small sections so the paint would not fully dry.  
Here is the order in which I painted the clock:
one side, top, other side, face rim, and front. 
Rinse your sponge out with water between sections.

                                                       I love this chippy crackle look...

                                                             ...I hope you do too!!!

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  1. Hi Karla, Thanks for inviting me over to your gorgeous blog! You are quite an artist!!!! I can't wait to read more!!! Never heard of Crackle Tex... but I'm going to have to try it!!! Thanks for inspiring me today!

  2. I love the great paint job!!!