~ Chalk Paint® Dresser with Scumble Glaze

My friend, Sharon, called me about purchasing this dresser before her garage sale.  I'm sure glad she did because it is a well constructed dresser...very heavy to move.  I wanted to
accent all the carved details so I decided to use Artisan Enhancement Scumble Glaze,
 Chalk Paint® paint colors French Linen and Old White and Annie's
Soft Clear Wax.

When I decide to paint a furniture piece I make a few upfront decisions.  Such as:

1. color/colors
2. painting technique
3. will I leave the top stained or paint it
4. what to do with the hardware - paint, new, metallic finish, leave as is  
                                                                      5. wax finishes

Supplies/Products needed to complete this project

Chalk Paint® colors French Linen and Old White
Artisan Enhancement® Scumble Glaze
Annie's natural bristle paint brush
Annie's Soft Clear Wax
Premium Wax Brush
Blue shop towels
Paint trays
Blue painter's tape

I usually apply two coats of Chalk Paint®...French Linen is the color I used here.
The best temperatures to paint are between 55-85 degrees...this includes 
nighttime temps. For example if you're painting outside
with daytime temp of 60 degrees but it will get down
to 35 degrees at night this low temp will affect the curing time.
So I like to paint inside in a climate controlled environment which helps
the paint and wax to cure correctly.
Just put an old sheet or drop cloth under the piece to save the floor.

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan dries very quickly...so apply the first coat with Annie's natural bristle brush.  Allow the first coat to dry about 30-45 minutes and apply the second coat.  If you don't have time to apply the second coat until the next day it doesn't matter.

Now you're ready for Artisan Enhancement® Scumble Glaze.  
Scumble glaze is a clear glaze that you add to Chalk Paint® (any color) creating a mixture 
that you paint on and wipe off with a lint free rag. Scumble glaze is a clear extender that keeps the Chalk Paint® open so you have enough time to maneuver the paint 
to get the look you want. I like to use blue shop towels 
as my rags because they are absorbent and lint free and fairly inexpensive. 
Artisan Enhancement® Scumble and other AE products can be purchased 
at my Lady Butterbug Shoppe in McKinney.

                                    Here I have mixed 2 parts Scumble with 1 part paint...
I used color Old White but you can use any color of Chalk Paint® to make a glaze.
To measure this mixture use dry measuring cups and a rubber scraper.
The rubber scraper helps to get all the Scumble and paint out of the measuring cup.
For this dresser I mixed 8 ozs.of Scumble with 4 ozs. of Old White....2/1 parts.

Paint on the Scumble mixture with Annie's natural bristle brush 
and immediately wipe off the mixture with a blue shop towel.  Keep turning
the blue shop towel to a clean spot to pull off the glaze.  You might
practice this technique on a sample board before attacking your
furniture piece.  This is not a difficult technique but you might
practice first to see how much glaze to take off or leave on for
the look you want.

I wanted the glaze to remain in the grooves so I lightly
wiped off the glaze allowing it to stay in 
the grooves.

As you can see in the picture I blue taped the sides of the drawers.  The drawers fit tightly into the drawer openings so I didn't want to add thickness to the sides with paint and wax as the drawers would not slide into the openings.  Please make sure you check to see how much clearance you have before you start painting.  I have painted the sides of drawers before and when finished the drawers would no longer slide into the openings and I had to sand the paint off...what a mess...
don't let this happen to you.

This dresser has two tops which I wanted to leave stained.  So I blue taped off the
edges of the tops to keep the paint off of them.

There are so many finishes to use on hardware.  Choices might be
Chalk Paint®, metallic finishes like Gilding Wax and Pearl Plaster (an Artisan Enhancement® product), leave as is, or purchase new or vintage hardware.  I decided to
paint the original hardware with Pearl Plaster.  PP will stick to most surface
materials such as metal and wood.  I painted on two coats allowing to dry between 
coats.  Put the hardware back in place and use Annie's Clear Soft Wax when you wax the dresser.

                 After the Scumble Glaze is dry apply a coat of Annie's Clear Wax.  Allow the wax
                    to dry overnight or 24 hours and buff with a soft lint free rag.  Now stand back
                                       and admire your creative work.  I just love this look!!!

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Wow! You've done an amazing job on all of the pieces. Beautiful!

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